About Us

Quality Transcendent (QT) Health

Why do we call ourself Quality Transcendent Health? Transcendent means beyond and we want our customers to have beyond health quality after consuming our products!

Who are we?

We are a bunch of youth that are based in Australia and Malaysia. We love healthy lifestyle and we encourage families to do the same.

Supplements Products

We not only sells our products at a retail level, we also distribute supplements to parties who are interested.

Stay healthty, stay happy!

Our quote has say it all, with happy lifestyle will lead to happy life. Therefore, we, a bunch of youth decided that we could raise awareness about the importance of keeping ourselves healthy by selling supplements for consumption.

Our supplements focuses more on internal body organs as it plays a vital role in our life. Organs failure has been a growing problem that is almost inevitable to all of us. So in order to avoid going through pain in life, buy our products, consume it daily and keep yourself fit and healthy!

Oh well, hope this post ain't lenghty for y'all!


Health is in you,

Daniel Tan