Bacopa Gold™ (500 mg)

Bacopa, also known as Bacopa monnieri or Brahmi, is a traditional Ayurveda medicine known to be a "brain tonic”. The active ingredients in Bacopa thought to support learning, cognition and memory by enhancing the efficiency of nerve impulse transmission. The antioxidant properties in Bacopa may also offer protection to brain cells from the damaging effects of free radical.

Health Benefits of Bacopa Gold™

  • Supports healthy cognitive function
  • Supports attention, learning, focus and memory
  • Helps promote calmness, relaxation, and focus
  • Supports positive mood and emotional well-being
  • Helps protect the brain from oxidative damage

The Advantage of Bacopa Gold™

  • Features BacoMind® Bacopa Extract - patented, clinically-proven extract of Bacopa stem and leaves
  • Standardized to 9 unique phytocompounds including Bacoside A, Bacopaside I, Bacopaside II, Bacopasaponin C, Jugubogenin isomer of Bacopasaponin C, Bacosine, Apigenin, Luteolin, and Beta-sitosterol-D-glucoside, that is clinically proven to support cognitive health
  • Safety and effectivenss supported by clinical and preclinical studies
  • Synergistically formulated with USP grade Bacopa extract standardized to 20% Bacosides
  • Formulated without the use of GMOs, additives, binders, artificial ingredients, preservatives, Stearates, Sulfates, Laurates, and Dioxides